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Once I Have This In My System, I'm Unstoppable!

Being a mom means I am super busy. Like, it's crazy how busy I am now with this kids. I lost a lot of my glow than I had like in my teenage years. I was a teen mom, I had my first baby at nineteen so, I've been mom-ing ever since and it gets tiresome. I suffer with fatigue, mommy drain. Now I've been staying focused and I've been crushing goals. This is a part of it: RESTORE Revitalizing Beauty Greens with Collagen. Over seven to ten days, you will see an amazing difference in like, the complexion of your skin, energy levels, improved sleep. And on top of that, everything is organic. I don't know if you are battling with fatigue or your energy levels, or just being able to be so hands-on with the kids. I am twenty six so my oldest is about to be seven. I mean, I feel like I still have a good bit of my youth and like my playfulness. It definitely outlast me. But I'm telling y'all, once I have one of these in my system, I'm unstoppable. I put them to bed, they don't put me to bed. Can you relate to that? Your children outlive you, so to speak, throughout the day? Or they're not ready for bed and you're like dragging to the ground? I'm telling you, here's what you need.

My Energy Is Through The Roof!

Since I've started using this, my skin has started to glow, my energy is through the roof! I felt much, much better. I've been able to decrease my caffeine usage. Before I started using this, I was drinking caffeine all the time. I felt older than I was, my body ached, and my children weren't getting what they needed. Now, I am feeling way better. I have lots, lots, lots more energy. I feel like a whole different person. That means so much to me emotionally that I'm able to be there for my kids. Pure Beautanics has changed everything. I feel better, I look better, and my body, it doesn't hurt as much. My sleep is better, my mental clarity is better, everything.

This Has Truly Given Me My Glow Back!

This powder has truly given me my glow back. It's vanilla flavor so the flavor doesn't really have a flavor, it's just like a little sweet powder. And it has multiple organic benefits inside, like reishi mushrooms and organic greens blend which improves overall health and boost energy levels. The kids wear me out. But with this powder and using it 2-3 days, I felt an amazing huge difference. They say to use it for 7-10 days and I'm like on day 7-10, I lost count. But, I feel amazing! So thank you so much Pure Beautanics! I am loving this supplement and I will continue to use it.

Tannia Martinez
Has Everything That I Am Looking For In One Product

I am 50 years old mom and Music teacher that requires a lot of energy, mental clarity to manage my whole day.

I was able to find the perfect product that also offers many other features in just one intake, it has everything that I am looking for in one product. Everything that I tried had side effects so I decided to find something that was more natural and I found it. I started to get more energy to spring out of bed, WITHOUT feeling aches and pains in my joints due to exercise.

These are some of the results I started seeing within 2-3 days:
- BOOSTED my metabolism and re-energized my body naturally
- Gave my skin a healthier glow
- Reduced my joint pain and inflammation

Dr. Stacey Naito
Helps My Skin Heal From Laser Treatment

I recently had a fractional CO2 laser treatment done in celebration of being 54, and also wanted to make sure that my skin looked its best because I do work as a physician in cosmetic dermatology. My skin was so parched and irritated. In fact I'm continuing to have issues with the dryness, the irritation. I noticed when I started taking this powder, my skin was actually accepting the hydration, like the lotions, the emollient creams that I was using which was really nice. And I also noticed that I was not quite as itchy. There was one exception about maybe four or five nights ago where I was so itchy and I had been using the powder, but then I neglected to use the powder for two days after that and I had the worst itching ever since getting that treatment done. So, I went back on RESTORE because I wanted to make sure that I got the benefits from this and it DOES help. I think it's really gonna help me to get my skin to heal from that laser procedure.

I also have noticed since I started using the RESTORE formula, that I am not as creaky, I don't have as much joint pain and in fact, there was one incident I swear to you when my hands were cramping like crazy in the morning and it was because of arthritis. I started using RESTORE and actually I haven't had that cramping since.

It also actually tastes really good, there's vanilla flavoring in there and it's very mild vanilla flavor. It's not something that's overpowering.

I think this is a fantastic product. I actually am planning on continuing to use this so that I can get the benefits from it. I think anyone, male, female, who is looking to rejuvenate their skin, get more energy, get more mental clarity and, to get that collagen in, in a way that is very palatable and pleasant, I would say that this is a great product.